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With the records of more than one million lawyers throughout the U.S. Canada, Russia and the Ukraine and specialists in all areas of the law, is a leading site for connecting clients and attorneys. With, prospective clients can easily search attorneys by location, specialty, language, price, client satisfaction and many other variables. And with, you can check an attorney’s rating and read reviews of the services they have provided others BEFORE you hire them. also provides the unique opportunity to list a job and then negotiate right on the website with several attorneys at a time, meaning you can pick the attorneys and the price you want to pay. And for those who want the ultimate in convenience, lets you list the details of your case and preferences such as location and cost and we’ll pick attorneys we feel best meet your needs. Or see who we rank in our Top 10 lists of top lawyers in different locations and specialties.

 You can check the status of an attorney’s license to make sure he or she is a member in good standing in their profession, get free answers to simple legal questions, and quickly list jobs for countless lawyers to view and bid on. Just like any other commodity, it pays to shop around – and nobody can help make shopping for an attorney quicker, easier or more affordable than

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