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There might be no such thing as a free meal, but there are free answers to your legal questions – at least on Just post any simple general law questions in our Question & Answer section and chances are a member of our community of lawyers will quickly get back to you with the answer. But first, you can search our archives to see if a similar question has already been asked and answered. Search by specific areas of the law, by keywords, rating and more.

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There’s no quicker, convenient or more affordable way to find the legal help you need than by listing your legal needs with For a low $5 flat fee, you can post your job for our community of registered lawyers to see and bid on. Simply list the main details of your case along with the amount you’re willing to pay and then review responses from qualified attorneys, who will either accept your conditions or make counteroffers. You decide which candidate is the best match for your particular need. Only lawyers will see your job listings, which are never shared with other users. Please remember not to share names or confidential details in your listing.'s Top 10 Lists

If you’re looking for the best of the best, here’s where you’ll find them. We look at a lawyer’s online activity and consider other variables before assessing who we feel ranks in the Top 10 for their specialty or location.

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Why take chances trying to pick a reputable lawyer from a billboard or classified ad or waste time searching the Internet when we’ve done all the searching for you? Quickly and easily find layers in the specialty and location you need. Choose attorneys based on their primary language, experience, client satisfaction, price and more.

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Whether your experience with a lawyer is good or bad, sharing that experience with other users helps increase the chances their experience will be good. And positive reviews helps reward good attorneys for providing quality service.


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