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Job Listing

Whether you’ve got a little or a lot of time on your hands,’s job lIstings can help fill those gaps with prospective clients looking for the very legal services you provide. And because prospects pay a fee to list their cases, you’re assured they’re ready to hire. After registering, you’ll have access to all of’s active job listings. You can sort them by geographic area, legal specialties, proposed rate of pay and more. Pay just 1 credit to respond with your proposal, including desired payment if different from the offer, and then negotiate terms with the client.

Classified Ads

Need co-counsel on a big case? Have extra office space to rent or need to rent some? Need to consult with an expert in bankruptcy law, divorce law or other legal specialty? No matter the message, our classified ad services can put it immediately in front of thousands of lawyers. Fast, convenient and affordable, there’s no more efficient or cost-effective way to reach so many fellow attorneys. And for a small additional fee, your ad can be targeted to just those most likely to match your needs.


Why get involved in our free online question and answer section? Well you shouldn’t if you’re not interested in a powerful tool to attract new clients and reap the many other benefits of an active online presence. While no attorney has time to spare answering complex legal questions, answering the simple questions posed by our users helps establish you as an authority in your specialty. And online activity is one of the factors that goes into determining’s Top 10 rankings.

"Top 10" List

With a base level of 5 for all attorneys who register and are verified, attorney participation online is automatically tracked with those reaching level 20 being eligible for Top 10 consideration. Attorneys seeking Top 10 status should send a request to


Our Gold, Platinum and Diamond Badges are another way to help you stand out from other attorneys. Based on 5, 10, and 15 years of legal experience, a Badge icon next to your name shows you’re not a beginner and helps assure prospective clients of your expertise. Badges are available upon request and upon payment of the appropriate number of credits or a flat fee rate required for a particular level. We’ll automatically check to make sure you have the experience required for a particular level and adjust the Badge accordingly if needed.

Personal webpage

Take the power of to the next level with your own personal webpage right inside our site. Whether using it for a primary website or for added SEO benefits and marketing power, our personal webpages allow you to quickly add content of any kind. For just a small initial fee and a minimal monthly charge, you’ll have your own web address at and can easily create a site with photos, videos, interviews, links or whatever else you please.

Lawyers’ Forum

Completely free and to your benefit, the Lawyers’ Forum is a place to discuss any and all aspects of the law, from giving and getting advice on a particular case, developing new courtroom strategies and much more.

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